Fifty Seats present Out Violet Room & Valley Maker

Fifty Seats creates an intimate music experience for a limited audience. Grand music in a small setting.
On September 15th 2019 Fifty Seats celebrates it's 10th edition !

A special occasion requires some special guests, don't you think?
Well, let's introduce to you... Our Violet Room and Valley Maker, two fantastic singer song writers from overseas. That's right: two concerts on one night, to celebrate our anniversary edition.

As Our Violet Room, Denver-based Matthew Birch is putting out gentle acoustic tunes that'll break your heart. Last year, he released his second EP, Loss and Death in Winter, 10 minutes of impossibly painful but necessary indie-folk. “This little EP was birthed out of the loss of a relationship (my marriage), the death of a loved one, and the hope that may come from the pain,” Matthew told The Music Mermaid. “It was a melancholy, tangible piece of my heart.” These songs aren't polished; there's no editing whatsoever, just quiet moments of Matthew and his guitar, so there's this raw quality that mimics his emotional pain. It's aching and it's quivering and it's wobbly, much like an irregular heartbeat or a voice broken by tears. -

Valley Maker, the name of Seattle-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Austin Crane's musical endeavor, brings to mind grandiose acts of nature, which probably shouldn't come as a surprise for a guy who is also a Ph.D. student in Human Geography. Crane's second and latest album as Valley Maker, 2018's excellent Rhododendron, overflows with nature imagery, as songs titles like “Planted in the Tall Weeds” and “River Bend My Mind” would suggest. The expanded textural elements enhance the mood conjured by Crane's typically evocative lyrics. -
“Haunted” is a descriptor that tends to be overused with modern American Folk music, but few other adjectives befit the tonality and brooding depth of Valley Maker's music. -


Our Violet Room & Valley Maker - September 15th, 2019. Tickets are 20€.
You can save your seat by sending an email to We'll then send you payment instructions. Reservation of your seat will be confirmed after reception of your payment.
This Fifty Seats session takes place at the Church of Ressegem, Sint Mauritsplein, Ressegem (Herzele).
Doors open at 19h. The concert starts at 20h.

With the support of:
Copy-Cad / Den Eeuwigen Beenhouwer / Cultuur Herzele


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€ 20,00
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